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The historical town center

Caorle, located in eastern Veneto, on the Adriatic Sea, is a town rich in history and traditions.

Next to the main road that takes you to the city center there is the fishing port: Caorle is known for its fishing tradition, and fish products are at the center of the area’s cuisine.

Immediately next to the port you can find the Venetian-style pedestrian center, with its narrow streets and squares: you can explore it during a relaxing walk or in a day dedicated to shopping. Here there is also the 10th century cathedral, with its frescoes attributed to the Templars and its museum, and the 11th century cylindrical bell tower. Not far away, on the promenade, you can admire the sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo, the protector of the city and its fishermen, to which the inhabitants of Caorle are very devoted, and to whom a great festival is dedicated every five years, with a procession of boats on the sea.

The city is bordered by 7km of beach, which, in the part adjacent to the historic center, offers its visitors an open-air free art gallery: here the Scogliera Viva shows rocks in which new sculptures are carved every year by international artists.

We certainly cannot forget to mention the beautiful lagoon with its characteristic casoni, the ancient fishermen’s houses! Large and small islands covered with greenery and immersed in the calm waters of the lagoon, which can be visited by boat to discover the unique flora and fauna. Here you can visit the Isola dei Pescatori, a small oasis where old casoni are still inhabited and can be visited, which can also be reached on foot or by bicycle.

In addition, throughout the municipal area, there are several kilometers of cycle paths, to accompany our guests in the discovery of the hinterland of the city of Caorle.

The surroundings of the city

To spend a day differently, you can take several short trips to explore our city’s area.

For example, you can visit Portogruaro, an ancient medieval city with traditional restaurants, archaeological sites and a museum. Or Concordia Sagittaria, a town founded by Julius Caesar rich in finds dating back to Roman times. Further on there is Sesto al Reghena, with its historic Benedictine abbey.

In the opposite direction you can reach San Donà di Piave, where the Land Reclamation Museum and the First World War Museum are located.

These are just some of the many examples of what can be found in the immediate surroundings of the city of Caorle, an area loved by many artists who have often described it in their works, from Pierpaolo Pasolini to Ernest Hemingway.

Between wellness and good food

Rediscovering nature by the sea and among the paths of an Island of Fishermen…

Finally you are in Caorle, a few meters from the Ponente beach, and all you have to do is dedicate all your attention to your health and well-being: the frenzy of the city is far away, while the positive energy of the sea is so close you can actually feel it! The beach equipped with umbrella and sunbeds is close at hand and the service provided by is impeccable.

Sea water treatments are beneficial for the whole body, stimulate circulation and help you stay healthy and vital. Doctors often recommend walking in the sea at least half an hour a day: the wave motion of the sea water brings a positive stimulation to the muscles of the lower limbs, starting with a specific pressure on the feet.

And after dedicating yourself to physical well-being and relaxation, you can choose one of the countless excellent restaurants in the city center, to taste the typical dishes of our tradition, and the star in our cuisine is, of course, fish: sardines in saor, fish broth, pasta alla busera, and much more!